100% Membership Goal

Dear Legionnaires,

Thank you to all our post members that have joined this year and have renewed along with all our Paid-Up-For-Life members. We have hit our membership goal of 110 members for University Veterans Post 360. We are the first post in the district to hit 100% of our goal. I would like to thank all the member of former Post 522 that have now joined our ranks. Together we will continue to do great things in the Indianapolis area.

Cliff Morlan

Membership Chairman

Supporting Broad Ripple Post 3

Members of University Veterans Post 360 and the Mission Continues – Indianapolis Platoon went out to Broad Ripple Post 3 to help renovate their signage in front of their building and do some other property beautification. Thank you to Post 360 Member Aaron J Shaw for rebuilding this beautiful sign.

Above is the new signage and below is the old signage.

Pictured Left to Right: Aaron J Shaw-Post 360 member, Bobby Shaw-Squadron 360 Member, Cliff Morlan-Post 360 member.

Helping a Korean War Veteran

Members of The Mission Continues – Indianapolis Platoon and Members of University Veterans Post 360 braved the cold to help a Korean War Veterans clean up his property in downtown Indianapolis.

Pictured Left to Right: Ronald Rice-Mayors Office, AC Hardy-Platoon Leader and Post 360 member, George Merkison-Platoon Member and Post 249 Member, Korean War Veteran, Cliff Morlan-Platoon Member and Post 360 Member.